howdy!!! im an american teen who’s been drawing for 10 years now (that makes me feel old). i want to become an indie illustrator/animator someday. im mostly a fanartist! expect a big mix of stuff. im also active on the forums
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so, at the beginning of last year, my main art platform at the time went down in flames due to one of its creators being outed as a pedophile (gross oversimplification of the whole situation, but this news post isn’t focused on that website). 

i had previously heard of newgrounds due to my obsession with friday night funkin’, and exactly one year ago today, on march 25th 2022, i made the decision to move to newgrounds, and it was honestly the best decision i’ve ever made.

in 2022 (a very rough year for me), i grew tremendously as an artist and as a person, and it’s honestly all thanks to this website. i honestly don’t know where i would be if it weren’t for newgrounds. admittedly, i don’t really know many people on here (because i have the social skills and confidence of a rock), but i still have a lot of people to thank.

thank you to:

the art forum - for being very patient with my over-dramatic younger self lol. for real though, thank you to everyone on the art forum (especially the regulars, such as @Skoops and @PerKGrok) for continuously giving me very helpful advice!!!! without you, my art wouldn’t be at the place it is today

@PilotSpikey - for commenting on, reviewing, & critiquing almost all of my art. your input helps so much!!! <3

@DenThatDude, @Kerzid, @ElsieMeraki, @Eldritchsaxes, @Oddlem, and @picolocity366 - for being awesome people!!! even though we don’t talk very much, i consider all six of you friends of mine <3

@ErasedMe and @Slidebrain - for supporting me by putting me on an underrated artists list in my early days on this website. it boosted my confidence so much, since i had just started learning how to draw humans and i was feeling very behind

all 74 of my followers, and any future followers i may receive - for enjoying my art enough to click the ‘follow’ button

anyway, i’m going to go continue to procrastinate on drawing lmao

(fr tho, thank you guys for everything <3)


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