hey, i’m jordan (15-17) and i really love drawing. i spend most of my time geeking over fictional characters, drawing, and staring into space
i have a low social battery so pls bare with me. i will sometimes recede into my shell like a hermit lmao

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sketch dump + rambling about insecurity

Posted by wonkypaws - May 28th, 2023

hi So i already posted these on my art thread, so if you’re interested in bonus stuff like this, maybe check that out :D i’m still happy with these so i thought i’d put them here as filler




anyway, quick rant about insecurity when it comes to art:

it seems like i go through phases where i’m happy with my art and it’s like a safe space for me, and then i realize how incapable i actually am and i start convincing myself i’m not good enough. or i have an itch to draw but the Tiny Little Guy In My Brain tells me i shouldn’t bother bc it’ll just turn out awful and it’ll be a waste of my time. or i make something i’m not happy with and i wonder how many people would unfollow me if they found out i made it (i’m surprised that’s as much of a problem as it is for me bc usually i try not to bother with the “social media” aspect of this and i just do it for fun). don’t get me wrong, i love people interacting with my art and giving feedback, it actually gives me motivation to keep going. but it can also go the other way around and it unintentionally pressures me to make something perfect even tho i know that’s not possible

that’s something i struggle with a lot, the pressure to make something perfect. ive noticed that for the past few months, i’ve been going through sudden phases where i’m super self-critical about my own art and others’ art, and then a week later i’m all good again. like, for a few days straight i’ll be like “oh my god, this turned out awful. so-and-so would have done this so much better. at this rate you’re never going to get better” and then a week later i’ll be fine. is this part of improvement? is this healthy? no clue lmao but i’m trying

i’m currently in one of those phases rn and it sucks, but every other time this has happened, I’ve pulled through, so i’m trying to stay optimistic ;; over the past few months I’ve become more of a pessimist tho so hopefully getting all this off my chest will help. if anybody else is going through something similar, you aren’t alone and i’m rooting for you!!




Uuuuuuh! Nice (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)

Hey, those sketches are actually really good, I can see your improvement here. Also remember that you are not on instagram or deviant here, NG is very beginner friendly, so even if your art is not up to your standards, there are tones of people just like you who will appreciate it.

Sometimes we forget to enjoy the journey because we want to get to the "destination" so bad, when in actuality, that destination (perfection), is a myth. Nobody can make "perfect art" and it's seeing all the pencil traits, all the little mistakes the artist made that can make an art piece truly feel alive.

this makes me feel a lot better about it, thank you!!! <3

@wonkypaws Your welcome ;)